Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Life Drawing January-February 2013

Some drawings from the sessions in January-Fabruary 2013. 1-5 minutes, conte stick, pen, watercolour.


Dave De keyser said...

Can I ask where you do these sessions? Is this at work? I love life drawing, I am prepping myself to get into my first animation job, and life drawing has been what allowed me to progress my drawing ability most I guess. Keep up the good work, I need some inspiration!

Peter Slattery said...

Thanks man! Appreciate the comments! We have an life-drawing teacher who specializes in animation who comes into the studio every second Tuesday evening. It's purely voluntary, but as someone who didn't do life drawing for about 7 years after college, I can tell you now, it's essential to keep your skills going. I'm sure if you look in your local area, there'll be classes of some discription on. They don't necessarily have to be for animation. It's the human form and just your basic drawing skills yo need to keep fresh.