Tuesday, July 03, 2007

REM @ The Olympia 2007

REM performed over 5 nights this week as a sort of performing rehearsal before recording their new album here in Dublin. I was one of the lucky... thousands to get a ticket to one of these extraordinary, intimate shows in Dublin's Olympia Theatre. Here are some of the photos I got of Michael, Mike and Peter rocking out to give us one of the greatest live experiences I've ever been at.

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DeeDubya said...

How lucky you were. REM are a superb live band. Ive seen them twice and was actually wondering what they were up to (I noticed Michael Stipe on the front of Q magazine).

I'm actually off to see The Police this weekend, my ultimate band as a kid. Never got to see them then and I cant wait. I'll let you know all about it on my blog.

Cheers for the comment btw