Thursday, May 23, 2013

Me and the future missus.

So I'm getting married in September and one of my jobs (the other being don't set yourself on fire before the day) is to do the stationary for the wedding. So save the dates, invitations, maps, booklets and whatever other bits and pieces are down to me. The rest, all the actual work is being done by my industrious, hard-working, and organised fiance, Gill. Here, is the sum of my efforts so far. The 'Save the Date' card. Soon, I'll post the process, where you can see there is a bit of work involved!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Life Drawing May 2013 I

The first of two batches of life drawings from the last few weeks. A bit of back-story as to why the drawings are the way they are. For the last year, I've gradually built up a little collection of materials I like to use on life drawing days. A palette of water colours, some pencils, conte sticks, compressed charcoal, a few pens and pencils. I kept these materials in a bag at my desk. A few weeks ago, life drawing day came around and I went to grab the bag. I grasped, and yet my hand met no bag. It was gone. Thinking I may have left the bag in the life drawing room the week previous, I sprinted like a man possessed to the room and searched like... a possessed man searching. Nothing. Nyet. Nada. Naught. The bag was gone.

From what we ascertained in work, we had a fairly crazy cleaning lady for a week, who would move random objects on peoples' desks. Things went missing, yet were found in unusual places. My bag of tricks? Nowhere to be found. So all I can assume is, the bag was mistaken for rubbish and went the way of rubbish. To the tip. So somewhere, a plucky seagul is learning to paint. Or a feral cat is trying his hand at charcoal drawings. So I like to think. The real kick to the nuts? The cleaning lady left my actual bag of rubbish by my desk.

So these drawings were made with the few materials I keep with me at all times. Pencils and pens. Although there are no pencil drawings in this batch. Ah, the roller-coaster life of an animator.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Pages from my notebooks... Part IX

A couple more pages from the Moleskine, more to come. The first drawing is just a quick sketch of everybody's favourite imp, Tyrion Lannister. The second was just a little experiment I conducted when I got a new brush pen and bottle of red ink. And the third was the sketch that lead to Where's Wall-E. There's more to come soon!

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Patriotic Iron Man

This week's theme on Irish Sketch Society is 'Iron Man,' what, with the release of Iron Man 3, an' all. So, I did a quick drawing of Tony and his pal, Rhodey in their Iron persona gear. As a bonus, I threw in the line work too. Which I kinda prefer. Coloured with my brand-spanking new copic markers (thanks for the birthday gift, ma'!), pen and a drop of guache for hilights.