Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Life Drawing May 2013 I

The first of two batches of life drawings from the last few weeks. A bit of back-story as to why the drawings are the way they are. For the last year, I've gradually built up a little collection of materials I like to use on life drawing days. A palette of water colours, some pencils, conte sticks, compressed charcoal, a few pens and pencils. I kept these materials in a bag at my desk. A few weeks ago, life drawing day came around and I went to grab the bag. I grasped, and yet my hand met no bag. It was gone. Thinking I may have left the bag in the life drawing room the week previous, I sprinted like a man possessed to the room and searched like... a possessed man searching. Nothing. Nyet. Nada. Naught. The bag was gone.

From what we ascertained in work, we had a fairly crazy cleaning lady for a week, who would move random objects on peoples' desks. Things went missing, yet were found in unusual places. My bag of tricks? Nowhere to be found. So all I can assume is, the bag was mistaken for rubbish and went the way of rubbish. To the tip. So somewhere, a plucky seagul is learning to paint. Or a feral cat is trying his hand at charcoal drawings. So I like to think. The real kick to the nuts? The cleaning lady left my actual bag of rubbish by my desk.

So these drawings were made with the few materials I keep with me at all times. Pencils and pens. Although there are no pencil drawings in this batch. Ah, the roller-coaster life of an animator.

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